Chairmen Message

With pride and pleasure i introduce you to Lawreshwar Polymers Ltd., a multi-dimensional with a diverse portfolio of complementary businesses is one of the most active footwear company in the Indian domestic market. The tasks of the Company have been successfully accomplished and we are growing in the domestic market of footwear business.The key to our success has been our ability to seize the existing and emerging market opportunities thereby building value for our trade and stakeholders. When we took notice of the footwear requirement and the deficit faced by the nation, we identified the scope and opportunity in the footwear business and committed our strengths in raw material for manufacturing of footwear’s.

We had adopted the best of the latest technology and we also comply with the requirement of International standard systems ISO: 9002 and ISO: 14001. For quality policy, company plans to implement & achieve total quality management. In accordance with the quality systems, it’s become a way of life at Lawreshwar Polymers Limited and every day we find ourselves on the path of continuous improvement.