Founders Messages

India is poised for a dramatic transformation. On the one hand, the country is the fastest growing large economy; on the other, the country is one of the most under-consumed (across products and services).

The evident conclusion is that India is at the point of substantial and sustainable growth across the foreseeable future.

This reality warrants the need for companies and industrial groups with vision, ambition and resources.

Lehar footwear is one of them.

India is at a cusp of rapid change with a growing appetite for infrastructure and lifestyle interventions; Lehar Footwear is engaged in the business of manufacturing footwear, Shoes, Chappals and sandals.

India is positioning itself as a quality-driven product and solutions provider; Lehar Footwear responds with innovation, customer orientation, technical competence, quality control and business ethics.

At the Lehar footwear, we are responding to one of the largest national opportunities anywhere in the world through various strategies.

  • We manufacture products with enduring appeal.
  • We create niches and markets (as opposed to entering over-populated market segments and geographies) with the objective to capture mind space and market share.
  • we have reconciled entrepreneurial promoters on the one hand with professional delegation on the other.

While we take pride in our legacy, we acknowledge that the journey ahead is challenging. Our business environment has seen drastic changes in the light of rising commodity prices, labour shortages, stiff competition and a strict regulatory environment. However, we are confident that through the devotion and hard work of our staffs, we will reinvent our operations with a drive towards industry leading ‘PROCESS EXCELLENCE’ so as to deliver our projects on time and with the quality that our customers expects from us.