Group Profile

LAWRESHWAR POLYMERS LIMITED (LPL) established in 1994 has a long and proud history and heritage as an independent footwear manufacture. We manufacture Quality footwears and are committed to enthusing customers everywhere.

Lawreshwar Polymers Limited which is formerly known as Lawreshwar Polymers Pvt Ltd was come into existence in the year 31.03.1994 with the object of manufacturing of canvas shoes, lightweight hawai chappals & EVA Injection footwear.

The Company which is popoular by its brand name “lehar footwear” had started its business as a private limited company in the year 1994 which was soon changed to public limited Company in the year 1996.

The Company commenced its production on 11th May 1995 with an installed capacity of 45 Lac pairs per annum and within a span of one year it had been successful in achieving envisaged results and able to establish an effective sales network in Rajasthan as well as other states.

The Company has successfully established its brand name "LEHAR" in the market within a very short period. At present, the Company is having an annual installed capacity of 75 Lac pairs of Hawai Chappals, 65 Lac Pairs of PU, 12 Lac pairs of Canvas shoes, 15.87 Lac pairs of EVA, 11.5 Lac pairs of PVC, 6 Lac pairs of Sports shoes Injected footwear, 9 lac pairs of Fabricated footwear and 6 lac pairs of hot & Cold footwear.

The Company manufactures a variety of footwear like light weight fancy slippers, PVC and TPR footwear, synthetic leather chappals in addition to Hawai Chappals and canvas shoes. The Company is proposing to diversify its product line by manufacturing of PU Sole Footwear and intend to expand the present EVA manufacturing facilities.

The Company has installed machines of latest technology and other devices to make most efficient use of available resources as well as to maintain high standards of footwear manufacturing.

Award / Recognition


  • Competent planning throughout the company.
  • Organization understands the impact that staff satisfaction has on the company’s profitability.
  • Competency in diagnosing the real problems or obstacles to growth.
  • Strong product/service differentiation in market.
  • Company culture is generally open to change.
  • Organization, not just the leadership, understands how the company will grow in the future.


  • Grow shareholder value: The top goal of our organization is to increase the value of our organization for our shareholders, stakeholders and owners.
  • Grow earnings per share: Our Organization is trying to increase its earnings and profits.
  • Manage cost: On the other side of revenue is the costs and expenses in our business. As we grow (or shrink) we need to carefully manage cost.
  • Broad product offering: Our strategy is to be able to offer the customer the best product in its class, regardless of price.
  • Reliable products/services: Our organization takes pride in the reliability of our product and services.
  • Improve or focus research and development (R&D): The objective focuses on specific innovation. We are an organization with multiple product lines, we want to focus our innovation on one product line over another; calling out the specific direction can be quite helpful in our objective.