Business Overview

Within a decade, the company's dedicated work has made the Brand name 'LEHAR' very popular and has built up a better image over other brands available in the local market. It has been successful in achieving envisaged results and to create a huge group of satisfied customers.

LPL is a professionally managed, system driven organization. The company believes that strong focus on customers and a committed work force, are the key factors that would contribute to its success and would help to scale up as it embarks on its strategic growth plan.

The growth strategy of the company is based on increasing its reach and penetration across the country by opening new showrooms, and positioning 'LEHAR' footwear as an esteemed footwear brand through unique national promotions.

LPL also looks at enlarging its market share by adding new product varieties and strengthen its offerings by manufacturing various affordable footwear items at affordable prices for the masses keeping in mind the latest trends in the footwear industry.

The Details Of Company's Registered Office And Manufacturing Unit Are As Below
Registered Office A-243 (A), Road No. 6, VKI Ind. Area, Jaipur – 302013
Manufacturing Unit A-243 (A), Road No. 6, VKI Ind. Area, Jaipur- 302013
Manufacturing Unit G-1-685, Road No. 9F2, VKI Ind. Area, Jaipur- 302013
Manufacturing Unit F-263, Road No. 13, VKI Ind. Area, Jaipur- 302013
Manufacturing Unit SP-41(D), Industrial Area, Kala Dera, Distt - Jaipur- 303801
The Annual Installed capacity of the company are as under
Products Annual Installed Capacity(In Lac)
Hawai Chappals 75.00
PU Sole Footwear 45.00
EVA Footwear 15.87
Canvas Shoes 12.00
PVC Footwear 09.60
Sports Shoes 06.00
Total 163.47