Infrastructural Facilities

Lawreshwar Polymers Limited has the best of the infrastructures to match the requirements to operate at the global levels to compete with the products and support systems that are one of the best in the industry. Lawreshwar Polymers Limited has been regular in updating the infrastructure needs to operate its business cycle at the most efficient levels.

Lawreshwar Polymers Limited Company, at present has numerous machines & facilities on which Operators can work. The Organization shares a close network with the head Office through integrated computer systems. These computer systems facilitate designing, maintaining inventories, updating and tracking shipments and storing other information. All units and departments are effectively linked through Microsoft Software, a system that integrates functions such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, customer relationship management, and e-commerce data to meet the growing needs of the company. Moreover, an in-house Internet Marketing team is maintaining company’s strong presence over Internet.

The Company has been very particular in maintaining a sound infrastructure system at its head office and at all it’s Organizations. The work places have been connected online and have power back up support systems to avoid any kind of discrepancies. The Company is striving to achieve zero defect system for its operations thereby eliminating the chances for any kind of setbacks.