Products of Company

EVA Footwear

EVA is one of the most popular, long lasting and affordable footwear available in the market now days. The Market for Hawai Chappals is being gradually replaced by Polymer based Footwear (Eva Injection Footwear). Due to increased demand of EVA Footwear, company�s capacity utilization in the segment was 127 % during 2004-05, while capacity utilization of Hawai Chappals is reducing. In view of this, company is undertaking capacity expansion for EVA Footwear.

PU Sole Footwear

The company is now diversifying into PU Sole Footwear, which has a consistent/ growing demand. PU is thermoplastic elastomer with properties of rubber & plastic, therefore it imparts flexibility, good abrasion resistance & also weather resistance to the sole of footwear, and where as the soles of other polymers are not having balance physical properties as PU. PU soles are more durable and lightweight than soles made from polymers / natural rubber/ leather. PU sole is being used mainly for high quality shoes/ ladies fancy chappals.

Canvas Footwear

LPL is manufacturing canvas shoes since Oct. 1996 and is currently having an installed capacity of 12.00 lacs pairs per annum. The company is currently manufacturing wide range of canvas shoes including tennis shoes, Mocasion Shoes, Kids PT shoes and PT shoes for defence & NCC. The Company utilises approx 50% of its installed capacity. The company is supplying its Canvas Shoes in almost all states of the country.

Hawai Chappals

The company initially started manufacturing traditional Hawai chappals in the year 1995 with installed capacity of 45.00 lacs pairs per annum. At present the company is manufacturing standard hawai chappals as well as high quality lightweight, hawai chappals at affordable rates.